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Trump Critiques Biden, Whitmer on Immigration, Claims Misuse of Funds in Michigan

By Matthias Dathan
April 3, 2024

In a recent rally in Michigan, former President Donald Trump launched a fervent critique against current President Joe Biden and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over their immigration policies.

Trump accused both Biden and Whitmer of mismanaging border control and utilizing taxpayer money to support illegal immigrants through housing subsidies, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Addressing a crowd on Tuesday, Trump specifically targeted Whitmer's proposed Newcomer Rental Subsidy program.

This initiative encourages Michigan families to host migrants, offering $500 a month, a move Trump contrasted with the lack of similar incentives for veterans.

Whitmer's Immigration Policies Under Fire

The program in question, as reported by The Midwesterner, provides landlords up to $500 monthly for a year to house illegal immigrants. Trump lambasted this approach, suggesting it unfairly burdens Michigan citizens with the care of immigrants, while similar support is not extended to veterans.

Trump extended his criticism to President Biden, accusing him of contributing to the country's security issues through lax border policies. He argued that these policies not only misuse taxpayer funds but also endanger public safety by facilitating the entry of violent criminals.

Linking Crime to Immigration Policies

During his speech, Trump highlighted several crimes he attributed to illegal immigrants. He cited the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley by Venezuelan illegal immigrant Jose Ibarra in February, using it as an example of the dangers posed by Biden's immigration policies.

Another case mentioned by Trump involved a deported Mexican man, who, after being expelled during Trump's presidency, managed to return to the U.S. under Biden's administration and commit murder.

This, Trump argued, exemplified the failure of current immigration policies.

Trump also referred to a tragic incident in Kent County, Michigan, where a 22-year-old woman was reportedly victimized by migrant crime, further emphasizing his point on the alleged correlation between immigration policies and increased violence and crime.

Support for Law Enforcement and Policy Proposals

The former president received backing from the Police Officers Association of Michigan, which endorsed him during his visit. This support underscores Trump's appeal among law enforcement communities, particularly for his stance on immigration enforcement.

Trump pledged to offer full support to state law enforcement agencies in executing immigration duties, tasks traditionally handled by federal authorities.

He proposed granting federal immunity to police officers, enabling them to enforce immigration laws without fear of legal repercussions or personal financial loss.

This proposal, Trump argued, is essential for allowing law enforcement to effectively combat illegal immigration and protect communities from related crimes.

Conclusion: A Rally Against Immigration Policies

In summary, former President Donald Trump's Michigan rally was a fervent critique of President Joe Biden and Governor Gretchen Whitmer's immigration policies.

Trump accused them of misusing taxpayer money for the Newcomer Rental Subsidy program, which incentivizes the housing of illegal immigrants. He linked several violent crimes directly to illegal immigrants, arguing that current policies endanger public safety.

Trump also proposed enhancements to law enforcement's role in immigration, including federal immunity for police officers. This stance has garnered support from the Police Officers Association of Michigan, highlighting the divisive issue of immigration policy in America.