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Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade settles divorce case with wife amid claims of affair with Fani Willis

By Mandy Donalds
January 31, 2024

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor in Donald Trump's election interference case in Fulton County, Georgia, has settled his divorce case.

This development comes just as Wade was about to face court inquiries regarding the end of his 26-year marriage and his alleged romantic involvement with Fani Willis, the district attorney who appointed him, as the Daily Mail reported.

Wade's divorce and professional challenges

Wade, who was tasked with leading the Trump prosecution by Wills, filed for divorce from his wife Joycelyn in November 2021.

This was a day after his appointment to the case, marking a significant moment in his personal and professional life.

However, this month, accusations surfaced about Wade's personal life, particularly his alleged romantic relationship with Willis.

These allegations led to serious questions about his appointment, salary, and behavior, including the gifts he reportedly gave to Willis.

Wade, 51, was scheduled to answer questions in court regarding his relationship with Willis.

The Trump team had raised concerns about potential impropriety. Yet, a day before the hearing, Wade announced that his contentious divorce had been resolved outside the courtroom.

Court proceedings and allegations

Despite the settlement of Wade's divorce, Willis still faces challenges in her role in the Trump case.

The Trump legal team has pushed for her removal, with a hearing set for Feb. 15.

Willis has been given a deadline to respond to these allegations in court.

Thomas Davis, a staff attorney to Cobb County Judge Henry Thompson, confirmed the dismissal of the Wade v. Wade hearing scheduled for Wednesday. He mentioned that a "Consent Temporary Order" had been entered by Judge Thompson.

A court order revealed that Wade and his ex-wife Joycelyn had reached a "temporary agreement addressing all issues."

Importantly, they agreed that the terms of this agreement would not be filed in court.

The acrimonious turn in Wade's divorce

The divorce proceedings between Nathan and Joycelyn Wade turned particularly bitter, with allegations of drug and alcohol use surfacing.

This acrimony was not limited to personal accusations but extended to professional aspects of Wade's life as well.

In August 2023, Nathan Wade faced a civil contempt order for failing to comply with a judge's order regarding the discovery process in his divorce.

His ex-wife's legal team claimed that he was not cooperating and needed to be compelled by court order.

Furthermore, Joycelyn accused Nathan of concealing payments over $500,000, which he received for his work on the Trump case. This aspect of their divorce gained public attention, intertwining with the ongoing, politically-charged prosecution.

Trump case intertwines with personal allegations

On Jan. 8, the Trump case took a personal turn when Mike Roman, one of the former president's co-defendants, claimed that Wade and Willis were in a romantic relationship.

Willis had previously described Wade as an old friend at the time of his appointment.

Roman, attempting to leverage this alleged relationship to his advantage, suggested in his complaint that the district attorney appointed her romantic partner, who was married at the time.

Roman's lawyers, however, provided no evidence to support their claims of Wade and Willis living together or using case funds for personal trips.

Neither Willis nor Wade have publicly addressed these allegations, maintaining silence on the matter.


  • Nathan Wade settles his divorce amidst allegations of an affair with Fani Willis.
  • Wade was set to be questioned about his relationship with Willis in court, which is now unlikely.
  • Questions remain about Wade's hiring, salary, and behavior towards Willis.
  • Trump's legal team is attempting to remove Willis from the case.
  • Wade faced a civil contempt order and accusations of hiding payments in his divorce.
  • No public comments from Wade or Willis have emerged regarding the affair allegations.