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Trump Supports Texas Democrat Cuellar, Accuses FBI Of Political Targeting Over Bribery Charges

 May 7, 2024
Amid serious allegations of accepting bribes, former President Donald Trump has come to the defense of Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar.
Henry Cuellar and his wife are facing indictments linked to alleged bribery involving foreign entities, a situation that Trump attributes to political motives, Daily Mail reported.

Background of the Indictment

Cuellar, a Democrat since 2005, known for his pro-life stance and border security advocacy, allegedly accepted nearly $600,000 in bribes from foreign sources with his wife Imelda.

An Azerbaijani oil company and a Mexican bank funneled these funds through shell companies. Additionally, the DOJ claims Cuellar promised to advocate for these entities in the US. Both Cuellar and his wife were released on $100,000 bond after the charges.

Response From Political Figures

After the indictment, political reactions varied significantly. Representative Dean Phillips urged Cuellar's resignation, whereas House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries took a different approach, removing him from a subcommittee chair without demanding resignation. Jeffries cited fair trial rights and the presumption of innocence as reasons for this decision.

In contrast, Trump suggested that the indictments were politically motivated, stemming from Cuellar's opposition to Biden's border policies. He described the FBI and DOJ actions as a tactic to remove Cuellar from power.

Details of the Alleged Bribery

Allegations spanning from December 2014 to November 2021 accused Cuellar of promoting the interests of the Azerbaijani company and the Mexican bank. Subsequently, an FBI raid on Cuellar's home in January 2022 uncovered the scheme.

Despite the charges, Cuellar denies them, asserting his and his wife's innocence. He states that his congressional actions were aligned with those of his colleagues and were aimed at serving the American public.

Personal Background and Defense

Henry Cuellar has been married to Imelda for over three decades. Imelda, with a background in banking, tax, and consulting, is described by Cuellar as a hard-working and qualified professional, countering claims of professional incompetence in the bribery allegations.

Impact on Cuellar's Career

The scandal hits Cuellar during a crucial time as he represents a Texas district from McAllen to San Antonio, frequently conflicting with his party, including Biden and Harris, over border control. Furthermore, his $825,000, 6,000-square-foot home has faced scrutiny amid the allegations.

In the case against Henry Cuellar, politics, international business, and personal integrity are intertwined. Consequently, the unfolding legal process will reveal the truth and impact bipartisan relationships and border policy debates. Ultimately, Cuellar's political future hinges on clearing his name and preserving his public service career.