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Tucker Carlson wanted out but once claimed he would ‘die’ at Fox

 May 10, 2023

Tucker Carlson and Fox News were at the center of much of the controversy surrounding the 2020 elections.

The early call of Arizona going to President Joe Biden was a situation that apparently had many people rather upset, and now that Carlson has been let go from Fox, some of the behind the scenes discussions are beginning to surface, according to the Daily Mail.

Newly Leaked Text Messages Rip Open Scab of Frustrations Surrounding 2020 Elections

In one of several leaked text message exchanges about the 2020 elections, Carlson and fellow Fox news anchor Bret Baier expressed concerns to each other that Fox may be "destroyed" because of making that early call over who won Arizona, according to The Daily Beast.

Carlson also confided to Baier that, "I've got four more years here. I'm stuck with Fox. Got to do whatever I can to keep our numbers up and our viewers happy."

Carlson also expressed to Baier some concern about Trump claiming the election was stolen from him, and that such a claim could be damaging to the right-wing cause.

"It's so sad. He's going to break some shit. He already is. Wish I knew where to run. But I'll die here," said Carlson's text.

A text was also leaked in which Jesse Watters expressed his views to Carlson that he felt certain experienced news personalities should be ousted in exchange for those who would be more sympathetic to the MAGA movement.

"Wallace Cavuto and other [sic] have got to go. Need some fresh blood. Should hire some trump people," said his text.

Carlson chimed in regarding his anger toward correspondent Jacqui Heinrich because she fact-checked a tweet made by Donald Trump.

"This girl apparently works for us in the 'news' division, though I'd be stunned if she's ever broken a story. She was on Twitter last night calling out Hannity, and accusing Trump of planning to 'steal' the election. Can't continue," said Carlson's text.

What May Be Next for Carlson and His Career

Carlson's next move is apparently focused on rallying some allies and attempting to force Fox News to let him either work for or start a conservative rival, according to Axios.

One such ally is Bryan Freedman, a Hollywood lawyer whom Carlson retained to help resolve the contract dispute.

"The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous," Freedman told Axios.

Fox's ratings have taken a rather sharp nosedive since Carlson was forced out, and is attempting to keep him away from the cameras by paying him $20 million a year for not working.

Carlson wants to be free to build his own media empire and do some independent 2024 election coverage, but his contract won't expire until January 2025.

He's apparently been approached by conservative outlets such as Rumble and Newsmax, and they are offering him a larger salary than what Fox was paying him.

Carlson has allies with large platforms who are ready to attack Fox for attempting to silence him, and a close friend of Carlson told Axios that they've been approaching him and asking, "'Do you want me to hit Fox?' [but] he's been saying; 'No. I want to get this done quiet and clean.'"