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Tulsi Gabbard Declines RFK Jr.'s VP Offer, Remains Open to Trump Administration Role

By Christina Davie
April 3, 2024

In a surprising political move, former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has publicly declined the offer to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s vice presidential running mate, while expressing her willingness to serve under Donald Trump if called upon to do so.

Gabbard confirmed her decision not to join Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s ticket, stating her respect for him but expressing her openness to serving under former President Donald Trump, as the Daily Mail reports.

This decision comes after Gabbard's notable departure from the Democratic Party in 2022, where she criticized the party as being controlled by an 'elitist cabal of warmongers.'

Her move to decline Kennedy's offer underlines her continued distancing from her former party and its affiliations.

From Democratic Representative to Political Maverick

Gabbard's political journey has been marked by her independent stance and frequent criticisms of her own party.

Her decision to leave the Democratic Party was a significant turning point, reflecting her growing disillusionment with its direction.

This disillusionment was further underscored by her refusal to join Kennedy's campaign, despite their friendship and multiple meetings in which Kennedy extended the offer.

Kennedy Jr., after Gabbard's refusal, chose Nichole Shanahan as his running mate. Kennedy had reportedly considered several other high-profile candidates, including Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura, and Andrew Yang, before making his decision.

Gabbard's refusal to join Kennedy's ticket has stirred discussions about her political future and her potential alignment with other political figures.

Gabbard's Openness to Trump's Leadership

Gabbard has been open about her consideration of serving in a potential future Trump administration. In a conversation with Tucker Carlson, she expressed her honor at the possibility of serving the country in any capacity under Trump's leadership, citing her alignment with some of his policies.

This openness has garnered attention, especially given Gabbard's previous Democratic affiliation and her critical views of the current political climate, particularly the 'woke' movement.

Gabbard has met with Donald Trump within the last year to discuss foreign policy and Pentagon issues, signifying a shared interest in certain policy areas. Trump supporters have noted Gabbard's appeal to both Democrats and Independents, primarily due to her stance on restrained foreign policy and her critiques of the current political establishment.

Gabbard's Critique of the "Woke" Movement and Defense of Free Speech

One of the critical aspects of Gabbard's appeal is her vocal criticism of the "woke" movement and her staunch defense of free speech. Her speeches and interviews have highlighted these positions, drawing support from across the political spectrum. In February, Gabbard spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she praised Trump's patriotism, further solidifying her shift from her Democratic roots.

Her political evolution can be traced back to her criticism of the Obama administration's military actions in Syria in 2015. This criticism led to a loss of support from some Democratic leaders, indicating early signs of her diverging path from the party line. Gabbard's resignation from the Democratic National Committee in 2016 to endorse Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton marked another significant departure from establishment politics.

2020 Presidential Run and Potential Future Debates

Gabbard's run for the Democratic nomination in 2020 and her clashes with Kamala Harris during the debates are memorable moments of her political career. These instances showcased her willingness to challenge her party's status quo, a trait that has continued to define her political journey. The possibility of Gabbard being selected as Trump's running mate has sparked discussions about a potential debate rematch with Harris, adding another layer of intrigue to the 2024 election.

In summary, Gabbard's political moves have stirred significant discussions about her future role in American politics. Her refusal to join Kennedy Jr.'s ticket, combined with her openness to collaborating with Trump, highlights her complex position within the current political landscape.

Gabbard's critiques of the "woke" movement, her defense of free speech, and her notable shift away from the Democratic Party are pivotal aspects of her evolving political narrative. As the 2024 election approaches, Gabbard remains a figure of considerable interest and speculation.