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Tulsi Gabbard Says She Is Open to Serving as Trump's VP

 May 11, 2024

In a revealing interview, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard discussed her openness to potentially serving as vice president under Donald Trump.

During her conversation with Charlie Kirk, Gabbard expressed her readiness to bring transformative change to government alongside Trump if the opportunity arises, as the Post Millennial reports.

Gabbard, who served as a U.S. representative from Hawaii between 2013 and 2021, made these comments on a Friday, in an engaging interview with Kirk. She highlighted her extensive experience and emphasized the need for a transformation in government that truly serves the people.

Gabbard Stresses Need for Real Change

She criticized Washington politicians for their tendency to only make superficial adjustments to policy rather than enacting genuine, impactful changes. Gabbard argued for leadership that goes beyond minor tweaks and tackles the core issues facing the nation.

Among the key issues she raised were border security and corruption, which she believes are critical areas that require bold, determined leadership willing to challenge the status quo.

Her vision includes a government that genuinely reflects the values and needs of the American public, rather than the interests of a select few.

Trump's Timeline for VP Announcement

Trump, who has indicated his intent to run in the upcoming presidential election, has stated he would announce his vice-presidential pick close to the Republican National Convention scheduled for July in Wisconsin.

This strategic timing suggests a build-up to a significant announcement that could sway party dynamics and campaign momentum as the convention approaches. Gabbard’s readiness to serve, if asked, aligns with this timeline, positioning her as a potential key figure in Trump’s campaign strategy.

Why Gabbard Left

In October 2022, Gabbard made headlines by leaving the Democratic Party, which she accused of being dominated by what she termed an 'elitist cabal of warmongers.' Her departure was marked by a scathing critique of the party's direction and policy focus.

She lambasted the party for exacerbating racial tensions, undermining constitutional freedoms, and prioritizing the interests of the elite over the general populace. Gabbard’s criticisms extend to what she describes as the party’s abandonment of traditional democratic values and its movement towards policies that divide rather than unite.

Gabbard's Vision For American Leadership

"If he asks me to serve alongside him, I would be honored to do so, to serve my country in that way and to bring the experience and, frankly, the strength and courage that comes from that experience, to bring about the real transformational change that I know he seeks to bring about to our country's government and that our country actually needs," said Gabbard during the interview.

Her remarks underscore a deep commitment to reforming government institutions to better reflect and serve the needs of the American people. She emphasized the importance of securing the border and rooting out corruption to restore faith in government and ensure it truly works for the benefit of its citizens.

A Call For Courageous Leadership

Gabbard believes that current leaders often fall short in their promises to enact meaningful change, opting instead for minor policy adjustments that fail to address fundamental issues.

"Too many politicians in Washington, you know, they'll try to tweak around the edges and make it sound like they've done something to bring about some real change but the rot is deep, and we need leaders of courage who will stand up to the pressures of the Washington establishment that comes from both parties to do what's right and make sure that our government is actually focused on serving the well-being of the American people, rather than seeing us as their minions who only exist to serve them and their interests," she elaborated.

Gabbard's Departure from Democratic Party

Highlighting her disillusionment with the Democratic Party, Gabbard described its leadership as driven by "cowardly wokeness" and accused it of stoking "anti-white racism" and undermining freedoms.

Her fierce criticism aligns with her call for other like-minded Democrats to leave the party, which she claims no longer represents the principles of a truly democratic society.

She invites those who are frustrated with the party’s current trajectory to join her in seeking a more inclusive, principled political alignment.


Tulsi Gabbard's willingness to join Donald Trump's potential administration as vice president underscores her commitment to significant governmental reform.

Her focus on key issues like border security and corruption, coupled with her critique of current political leadership, highlights her desire for a transformative approach to governance that is inclusive, effective, and truly democratic.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, her statements offer a glimpse into the possible shifts in leadership and policy direction that could shape the future of American politics.