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Tulsi Gabbard unloads on Joe Biden over Trump prosecution, says it’s ‘death rattle' of democracy

 August 29, 2023

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, having recently exited the Democratic Party and identified as an independent, didn't hold back in her criticism of President Joe Biden regarding the ongoing legal actions against former President Donald Trump, as the Daily Wire reported.

Gabbard's Take on Democracy's Peril

During her discussion on Fox News' Hannity this past Friday, Gabbard posited that the Biden administration might be leveraging the might of the federal establishment against political adversaries.

She proclaimed, "A death rattle of any democracy is when a sitting president uses that state security apparatus to go after political opponents and cover up lies and crimes committed by himself or his family. Biden is doing that now."

The former lawmaker added, "His actions make it clear he believes himself to be not the enforcer of the rule of law but the exception to it."

Gabbard began by highlighting the founders' intention for the nation to be grounded in the rule of law rather than individual whims.

She expressed concerns over the increasing indications that President Biden and members of his administration are using the Department of Justice to further their own agendas, often at the expense of the nation's interests.

Gabbard further elucidated, "We can recognize that they are directly and intentionally undermining that very foundation of our democracy, which is the rule of law."

The Concerns Outlined

Having contended for the presidential seat in 2020, Gabbard details how she believes that the Biden administration is compromising the nation's integrity.

First, she pointed out the administration's apparent targeting of former President Trump and those who support him.

Subsequently, she outlined their alleged endeavors to shield themselves from legal jeopardy, emphasizing the appearance of protective measures having put in place to protect Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, amidst numerous controversies and allegations of impropriety.

Gabbard stressed the urgency for Americans to comprehend the challenges facing their democracy. She advocated for decisive intervention to prevent these threats from becoming established practices.

She voiced concerns that future ruling parties might exploit law enforcement and the Department of Justice against rivals, making a series of analogies to historical examples.

Drawing Parallels: Biden, Hitler

In October last year, Gabbard made comparisons between Biden and German dictator Adolf Hitler while campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire amid the November midterm elections.

At a town hall in Bolduc, Gabbard expressed her belief that both Biden and Hitler possessed a similar "mindset," The Daily Beast reported.

Gabbard mentioned that history showcases numerous instances of authoritarian leaders and dictators from various nations; they used seemingly noble intentions to excuse autocratic actions.

She said, "I'm pretty sure they all believe they're doing what's best." 

Gabbard continued, "Even Hitler thought he was doing what was best for Germany, right? For the German race. In his own mind, he found a way to justify the means to meet his end. So, when we have people with that mindset, well, you know we've got to do whatever it takes because, as President Biden said in that speech in Philadelphia, that those who supported Trump, those who didn't vote for him are extremists and a threat to our democracy."