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Two far-left students arrested after attack against pro-lifers

 March 31, 2023

Antifa is being blamed for violence that broke out at a pro-life meeting at Virginia Commonwealth University on Wednesday.

Students for Life leaders believe it was Antifa that used violence and heckling to disrupt their meeting based on the signs the disrupters were carrying and their clothing, according to Fox News.

There were two arrests that were made in connection to the violence: Natalie Hoskins III, 22, and Anthony Marvin, 30, a Virginia Commonwealth University spokesperson told Fox News on Thursday.

Antifa violently disrupts pro-life meeting

Students for Life spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick also pointed out social media posts which spoke of a counter-protest that was organized by members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America prior to the pro-life meeting. That post was shared by a Twitter user using the name Goad Gatsby, whose real name is Kristopher Goad, according to Fox News.

Goad, he is mentioned as being connected to Antifa on watchdog group AntifaWatch's website.

Kristen Hawking and Isabel Brown were scheduled to speak at the Virginia Commonweatlh University as a stop on their speaking tour. The tour is advertised as "Lies Pro-Choicers Believe," according to the Daily Mail.

The two speakers were preparing to take to the platform when Antifa stormed the event screaming, "F**k pro-lifers," and "Get out Nazi Facists," and "Nazis go home!"

As Antifa's disruption of the event continued to escalate, there were students who allegedly  gathered  around Students for Life Chapter President, Autumn Higashi.

"They're assaulting her! They're assaulting her!" someone screamed, according to the Daily Mail.

Then the police came rushing in along with two of the speaker's private security.

Someone else screamed, "Hey! Listen up! Calm down! Everybody get the f**k out of here!" as police were throwing people across the room to get them off of Higashi.

"You leave first!" some students shouted back.

School staffers took Hawkins, Brown and several other pro-lifers out of the room as the violence continued, locking them in a different room for about two hours.

They were told they were being held there for their own safety, though the violent protesters were allegedly allowed to roam free.

Pro-lifers determined to continue spreading their message of life

"We will not be deterred. The Pro-Life Generation has come to expect these sort of things and we will be back to attempt what we tried to attempt this evening, a productive, peaceful conversation," Students for Life posted in a caption on an Instagram video that captured the violence, and which was provided to Fox News.

Students for Life has notified Virginia Commonwealth University that they would like for Hawkins and Brown to be invited back to the campus and for proper police coverage to be implemented to ensure attendee and event safety. However, the school has not yet responded to that request.

Virginia House Speaker Todd Gilbert defends rights of pro-life students to share their message of life

Virginia House Speaker Todd Gilbert issued a statement about the incident, which Virginia Society for Human Life picked up and posted on their Facebook page.

He referred to the incident at the university as, "another sad episode of free speech being shouted down on college campuses across the nation. The behavior and actions of the students opposed to the pro-life speakers is appalling. So was the reaction of the university officials who shut down the event, rather than protecting the free speech of those invited to campus."

Gilbert went on to note that college campuses, "are supposed to be crucibles of free speech and debate. It is where we are challenged to think for ourselves, defend our ideals, and develop different and better understandings of the people around us. What we are seeing on campuses across the nation, and now in Richmond, are students intentionally insulating themselves from challenges to what they believe and instead, demanding an echo chamber that validates what they already believe. This does not prepare them for life after college.”

He added that “Students who matriculate from our public colleges and universities should be prepared to intellectually engage with the world around them in a constructive way. Shouting down speakers with whom you disagree accomplishes the opposite. VCU must do a better job of protecting the rights of those who speak on their campus while teaching students to engage with ideas they find objectionable.”