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Utah State football player taken to hospital after cardiac arrest

 March 26, 2023

Utah State University (USU) football freshman Josh Davis suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday. He was hospitalized immediately and put on “life-sustaining medical devices” but is now “breathing on his own.”

His parents flew into Utah the same night and are still currently with their son supporting his recovery.

Like Damar Hamlin and others, Davis is one of many young athletes that have suffered from unexpected cardiac trauma in the last few years. 

Davis was initially taken to Logan Regional Hospital for critical treatment but then transferred to McKay-Dee Hospital for additional care. There, he was treated with “therapeutic hypothermia to lower the body temperature to preserve his neurological function.”

On Friday, USU released a statement describing the situation, calling it a “non-traumatic sudden cardiac arrest during Thursday’s spring practice.”

All Smiles

Although his condition was initially described as critical, it has since been upgraded to “fair.” However, it is not yet known when he will be released from the hospital.

A photo of Davis and his family was released by USU on Friday showing all smiles, proving that the young football star is doing well.

According to most recent updates, Davis is still recovering but appears to be in good spirits since the incident.

Head coach Blake Anderson reportedly visited the hospital the same day and tweeted another photo with a personal response:

“The smiles say it all… it was a brutal night, but Josh never stopped fighting. Through God’s grace, and an amazing group of Trainers & Medical Professionals we are doing better every minute today. So grateful for all the prayers & support lifted up over the past 24 hrs.”

Plenty of well-wishers responded to his post, praying for the young athlete’s recovery.

“Josh is one heck of a FIGHTER!! Beyond thankful for answered prayers and for the immediate action/intervention that took place yesterday,” tweeted Brittany Anderson, wife of the head coach.

Are vaccines to blame?

Although there was no mention of whether Davis was vaccinated for COVID or not, social media was quick to jump to conclusions that the vax may be to blame.

One response to Anderson’s post, for example, read, “Wondering, did he get the mRNA vaccine? Seems to be a lot of sudden cardiac arrests in healthy young men who’ve had the vaccine.”

Another stated, “I’m old enough to remember when kids never got heart attacks, strokes, or clots. Now it's the ‘new normal.’”

Despite most responses wishing for the best possible outcome for Davis, more than half mentioned the vaccine in a negative light, often in a combination.

According to the USU website, COVID vaccinations are encouraged but not mandatory. Neither Davis, nor the school or his family has confirmed if he has had the shot.

No further updates on Davis’s condition have been issued so far but USU stated that “more information will be released when available” in their Friday statement.