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Van Jones Says Biden Win Almost Certainly Leads to Harris Assuming Presidency

 June 30, 2024

In a compelling discussion on CNN's NewsNight, Van Jones and Abby Phillip delved into the potential implications of Joe Biden's presidency on Vice President Kamala Harris' political future.

In the broadcast, concerns were raised about Biden's capacity to fulfill a complete term, hinting at a high possibility of Harris assuming the presidency if he wins in November, as Breitbart reports.

The segment featured Jones, a former advisor to President Barack Obama, and host Phillip. They focused on Republican assertions that Harris is effectively the one running for president in the upcoming election.

Jones openly considered the reality that a victory for Biden could translate into Harris becoming the president during the term. This conversation followed after Biden's recent debate performance, which sparked doubts about his longevity in office.

The debate's impact was significant, with Jones remarking on Biden's presentation, suggesting it raised serious questions about his ability to serve four more years. This set the stage for a deeper examination of what a Biden presidency could mean for Harris.

Debating the Future: Biden's Stamina Under Scrutiny

During the show, the discourse took a sharp turn when Jones highlighted the performance seen by Biden the day before. He stated, "It’s hard to imagine the Joe Biden that you saw yesterday on the debate stage making it four-and-a-half more years."

Phillip echoed the sentiment, labeling the situation as a "conservative talking point" turned reality. She agreed that, at this moment, it appears Harris is the one truly contesting in the election, not just as a vice-presidential candidate but as a potential president.

Jones reinforced his point by suggesting that the viewers needed to acknowledge the possibility of Harris' presidency as a real outcome of the election. He challenged the audience to consider their comfort with Harris as president, highlighting the critical decision voters face.

Viewer's Choice: Comfort With Harris as President?

"Yeah. Because, look, Joe Biden did a great job today, and that was a relief for a lot of people, but it’s hard to unsee yesterday," Jones elaborated. This comment underscored the volatility of political perceptions based on candidates' day-to-day performances.

Jones further emphasized the importance of the electorate's perception in these elections. He stressed that Biden's occasional strong appearances should not overshadow the concerns raised by his weaker moments.

This narrative by Jones and Phillip suggests that Biden's candidacy, while strong on certain days, carries with it an implication of potential change in the presidential role mid-term.

The Implications of a Mid-Term Presidential Transition

The conversation on CNN did not just focus on the hypotheticals but rather highlighted the significant electoral implications of Biden's current capabilities. The commentators discussed how this election is unlike any other, with a vice president possibly becoming president not out of tragedy but out of necessity.

The discussion emphasized that voters are not just choosing a president but potentially selecting the next two top executives of the country. This dual decision is unprecedented in modern American elections.

Such scenarios have been speculated in the past, but the current political and physical landscape makes these speculations more tangible and immediate. Voters are urged to consider these possibilities seriously.

A Turning Point in American Electoral Politics

As the broadcast concluded, both Jones and Phillip reiterated the uniqueness of this election. It is not just about choosing a leader for the next four years but about potentially deciding on an immediate successor.

The dialogue between Jones and Phillip highlighted the evolving nature of presidential elections in America, where the health and capability of a candidate can thrust their running mates into the spotlight, not just as support but as successors.

This shift in perspective is crucial for voters, as it redefines the stakes of the electoral process. The potential for a mid-term change in leadership adds a layer of complexity and gravity to the decision at the ballot box.

Conclusion: A New Consideration for Voters

In conclusion, the NewsNight discussion between Van Jones and Abby Phillip has opened up a crucial dialogue about the future of the U.S. presidency.

As voters head to the polls, they are not just voting for a president but for an administration that might see a significant leadership change. This conversation has underscored the importance of understanding the implications of both candidates on the ticket.