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Kamala Harris Sidesteps Reporters' Questions on Gaza Ceasefire

 May 7, 2024

In a recent visit to Detroit, Michigan, Vice President Kamala Harris spotlighted economic initiatives aimed at empowering Black businesses but evaded media queries on international politics.

Harris avoided questions about a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, instead revealing what she ordered to eat at a restaurant, as the Daily Mail reports.

While on a campaign trip aimed at bolstering economic opportunities for Black-owned businesses, Harris chose the Joe Louis Southern Kitchen, a minority-owned establishment, as a key stop.

The VP's visit to this popular local eatery was part of her broader agenda to engage with the Black community on economic issues.

Harris did not permit reporters to accompany her inside the restaurant, maintaining a focus on her engagements rather than media interactions. As she left the restaurant briskly with takeout containers in hand, her approach was clear.

Awaiting her outside, reporters posed questions about various topics, including international affairs. Specifically, as she exited, a reporter inquired about Hamas’ reported acceptance of a ceasefire proposal. Harris briefly responded with a comment about her meal, "Shrimp and grits," avoiding a deeper discussion on the subject.

Vice President’s Visit Highlights Economic Challenges for Black Entrepreneurs

During her visit, Harris was accompanied by several key figures, including Acting Secretary Julie Su, Small Business Deputy Administrator Dilawar Syed, and U.S. Secretary of Energy and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Their presence underscored the administration's commitment to these issues.

In her speech, Harris addressed the numerous obstacles that black entrepreneurs face, such as a lack of access to necessary capital and the reluctance to seek bank loans, which she attributed to systemic inequities.

Harris emphasized the need for increased federal support to help community banks provide more business loans, aiming to mitigate these long-standing barriers.

Real Estate Market Disparities Also a Focus for Harris

Another significant part of Harris’ dialogue with the community involved addressing disparities in the real estate market she says disproportionately affect Black homeownership. She highlighted how historical practices such as redlining and urban renewal have had long-lasting impacts, making it difficult for Black Americans to own homes.

The VP stated, "As a result of lasting legacies, of structural inequities such as segregation, redlining, and so-called urban renewal, today black Americans are 40% less likely to own a home."

This statement brought to light the ongoing challenges that hinder economic progress within Black communities across the United States.

Summary of Economic Policies Discussed in Detroit

Harris' efforts to engage with Black business leaders and entrepreneurs in Detroit are reflective of a broader push by the administration to support minority-owned businesses through substantial policy measures.

By advocating for federal assistance and addressing systemic barriers, Harris'  visit aimed to foster an environment where black entrepreneurs can thrive.

Her visit also served as a reminder of the administration's priorities in supporting minority communities, signaling potential areas for future policy development.

In conclusion, Vice President Kamala Harris' trip to Detroit was marked by her focus on enhancing economic opportunities for black businesses, while sidestepping more contentious political issues.

Her engagements underscored a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by black entrepreneurs and homeowners, despite the surrounding political queries on global affairs.