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Leftist protester thrown to the ground after yelling expletives at Joe Manchin

By Stew Davidson
March 3, 2024

A tense confrontation occurred when a protester directed expletives at Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) during a Harvard event.

During a recent proceeding at the Harvard Institute of Politics, a heated exchange unfolded involving Manchin and a far-left demonstrator. The incident rapidly escalated, culminating in the protester being forcibly removed from the premises, as the Daily Wire reported.

Intense moments at Harvard Kennedy School

The confrontation began shortly after Manchin was interrupted by several protesters during his talk at the Harvard Kennedy School. Their primary grievance was his support for natural gas pipelines, which they argue compromises the future of the environment.

The protester, associated with a group known as Climate Defiance, vocally expressed their discontent. They accused Manchin of prioritizing personal gain over the welfare of the planet and future generations.

The protester yelled:

You sold our futures and you’ve gotten rich doing it. You sick f***. How dare you.

Manchin's response was immediate and direct, leading to a tense face-off between the two. It was at this moment that an aide intervened, pushing the protester, who lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Climate Defiance's bold declaration

Following the incident, Climate Defiance took to social media to share their perspective on the confrontation.

They portrayed the event as a moment of defiance against what they perceive as a significant threat to environmental sustainability.

The group's post on X painted Manchin in a negative light, accusing him of harming humanity and taking pride in his actions. The group wrote:

We just called Joe Manchin a sick f***. We humiliated him in front of a herd of Harvard elites. He squared up. We held firm. Barbaric murderer, hideous fiend, he torches humanity and laughs.

In the aftermath, Manchin attempted to engage with the protesters in a dialogue, an offer they declined.

A video captures the confrontation

The entire episode was documented and shared on social media platforms, providing a visual account of the intense exchange.

A video posted by EnvirosTakingLs shows the moment the climate protester was shoved after confronting Senator Manchin.

Once the protester was pushed out of the room, many other hecklers started chanting against Manchin.

They raised slogans like "Protect our future, not your profits," as Manchin left the room.

This visual evidence has sparked discussions online, with varying opinions on the methods used by both the protesters and those who responded to the disruption.

The school's response was prompt, with a spokesperson confirming that the incident is under investigation by the Harvard University Police Department.

The university emphasized that the protesters complied with an order to leave the campus.

Reactions and repercussions

The incident has ignited a broader debate on the intersection of environmental activism and political discourse.

It raises questions about the most effective and appropriate ways to engage with political figures on contentious issues like environmental policy.

Manchin's willingness to engage in dialogue, despite the confrontational approach of the protesters, suggests a potential path forward through conversation and negotiation. However, the immediate refusal by the protesters indicates a significant gap in trust and perspectives that remains to be bridged.


  • A protester confronted Sen. Joe Manchin during a Harvard event, leading to a physical altercation.
  • The protester, part of Climate Defiance, accused Manchin of compromising the future for personal gain.
  • Despite the heated exchange, Manchin offered to engage in dialogue, an offer that was declined by the protesters.
  • The incident, captured on video, has sparked a wider conversation on the methods and effectiveness of environmental activism.
  • Harvard University is investigating the incident, highlighting the ongoing tensions between environmental activists and political figures.