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VP Candidate Burgum Accuses Biden of Favoring Terrorists Over Israel

 May 13, 2024

Amid a contentious policy shift, Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota has sharply criticized President Joe Biden's decision to withhold military aid from Israel.

Burgum accused Biden of aligning U.S. foreign policy with terrorist interests, sparking widespread controversy, as Breitbart reports.

At the heart of the issue is Biden's recent action withholding 3,500 bombs destined for Israel, a country currently engaged in active conflict with Hamas.

This decision followed heightened scrutiny over Israeli military operations in populated areas of Rafah, raising international concerns about civilian safety.

Controversy Surrounds U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed the suspension of munitions, citing the need to reassess U.S. support in light of the Israeli military's actions.

This stance was echoed by President Biden during a CNN interview, where he stated that the U.S. would not support operations that endanger civilian populations in such conflict zones.

Direct communications between President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have further emphasized the U.S. position.

Biden stressed the importance of avoiding civilian centers, fundamentally shifting the dynamics of U.S.-Israel relations.

Burgum's Harsh Critique of Biden's Policy

GovBurgum has been vocal in his disapproval, asserting that Biden's policy essentially places him on the side of terrorists. "President Joe Biden is not only negotiating with terrorists but has gone so far as to negotiate for them," Burgum stated, highlighting a significant departure from traditional U.S. foreign policy which dictates a firm stance against negotiating with terror groups.

According to Burgum, the current administration's approach is unprecedented and sends a concerning signal to U.S. allies worldwide. He further criticized the president for not standing firmly with Israel, suggesting that instead of setting conditions, Biden should be actively supporting Israel's efforts to combat terrorism.

Political Repercussions and Impeachment Threats

The repercussions of Biden's decision extend beyond diplomatic tensions. Domestically, it has fueled political strife, with former President Donald Trump and other Republicans labeling Biden as "weak" and accusing him of siding with the pro-Hamas elements within the Democratic Party.

This controversy has also led to the drafting of impeachment articles against President Biden. Accusations center on his alleged violation of the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which restricts the executive branch's ability to withhold funds that Congress has allocated, reflecting the serious legal and political challenges facing the administration.

Burgum's Political Position and Future Aspirations

Burgum's criticisms come at a time when he himself has political ambitions, having endorsed former President Trump after withdrawing from the presidential race.

His stance against Biden's policy may resonate with a significant segment of the Republican base, further highlighting the polarized nature of U.S. politics on foreign policy issues.

The governor's comparison of Biden's actions to those of Trump, who had a notably different approach to Israel, underscores the significant shifts in U.S. foreign policy under different administrations.


In conclusion, the decision by President Biden to withhold military aid from Israel marks a significant pivot in U.S. foreign policy, drawing sharp criticism from various quarters, including significant figures like Gov. Doug Burgum.

As debates over the implications of this policy continue, the international community watches closely, pondering the long-term effects on U.S.-Israel relations and broader geopolitical dynamics.