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Wade's Media Tour Upsets Allies of DA Fani Willis in Georgia

 June 20, 2024

Fulton County, Georgia, D.A. Fani Willis' allies are reportedly frustrated by former special prosecutor Nathan Wade's media appearances after he stepped down from the Trump election interference case.

Wade's recent public comments about his relationship with Willis and the timing of their romance are viewed by some as a distraction from the case and are causing significant anger among her supporters, as Fox News reports.

Nathan Wade's Media Appearances Criticized

Wade, a former prosecutor in the Trump election interference case, has sparked frustration among Willis's close allies with his recent media appearances.

Wade, who stepped down from the prosecution team, has been speaking to various media outlets about his relationship with Willis and the case.

In a CNN interview, Wade's team interrupted when he was questioned about the timeline of his romantic relationship with Willis. This incident has fueled criticism from figures like former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, who called Wade's media appearances "an unnecessary distraction and disrespectful to both the process and the DA."

Legal Concerns Over Wade's Interviews

Former DeKalb County District Attorney J. Tom Morgan also criticized Wade's interviews, finding them legally questionable. Morgan emphasized that even though Wade is no longer part of the case, professional conduct rules still apply.

"Just because he isn’t part of the case anymore doesn’t mean that rules of professional conduct don’t apply," Morgan stated.

Wade has discussed his relationship with Willis in multiple interviews, starting with his first interview with ABC News' Linsey Davis in May.

Wade's Disruptive Media Tour

During his interview with CNN's Kaitlan Collins, Wade's team again disrupted the session, refusing to provide concrete details about when his romance with Willis began.

Wade admitted to the poor timing of their relationship but denied that it delayed the case. "Do I believe that my actions caused this delay? No, no, no," he asserted.

The embattled lawyer acknowledged the bad timing of his relationship with Willis but explained that such situations happen organically. "But you don't pick and choose when those things happen. They happen organically and you deal with the situation as it comes," he said.

Public Perception and Impact on the Case

Wade believes the public understands the timeline of his relationship with Willis and views it as a distraction rather than a relevant issue in the case. "I believe that through the testimony and other interviews, the public has a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction," Wade told CNN.

However, critics argue that Wade's media appearances are overshadowing the case's important aspects. Former Mayor Franklin and former D.A. Morgan both expressed concerns about the impact of Wade's comments on the legal proceedings and public perception.

Call for Focus on the Case

Democratic strategist Rick Dent highlighted the need for focus on the case, not personal distractions. "But the most important thing is the case," Dent emphasized.

"This is distracting from the case. He needs to go away and not do any more interviews, ever," he added.

Wade's Media Tour Seen as Self-Promotion

Some observers speculate that Wade's media tour is a bid for self-promotion. By discussing his relationship with Willis and his role in the Trump election interference case, Wade might be attempting to shape public perception and salvage his professional reputation.

Despite Wade's assertions that his relationship with Willis did not impact the case, the timing and nature of his media appearances continue to raise eyebrows. Allies of Willis remain concerned about the potential ramifications for the ongoing legal proceedings.


Nathan Wade's media tour, following his departure from the Trump election interference case, has drawn significant criticism from allies of Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis. Former officials and strategists argue that Wade's public comments about his relationship with Willis are distracting from the case and potentially undermining the legal process.

While Wade defends his actions and timing, the controversy highlights the delicate balance between personal relationships and professional responsibilities in high-profile legal cases. The focus, critics insist, should remain on the facts of the indictment and the legal battles ahead.