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Whistleblower accuses Attorney General Merrick Garland of covering up Hunter Biden scandal

By Sarah May on
 April 21, 2023

An IRS whistleblower has come forward to allege that federal prosecutors have allowed “preferential treatment and politics” to prevent the filing of criminal tax charges against first son Hunter Biden, claims that stand in direct contradiction of congressional testimony given by Attorney General Merrick Garland, as Just the News reports.

The individual in question is a supervisory special agent from the criminal division at the IRS, and he is now seeking specific whistleblower protections from Congress so that he can provide detailed information about his claims.

Congress informed

An outline of what the prospective whistleblower is offering was provided in a letter from his attorney, Mark D. Lytle of the Nixon Peabody law firm to a group of congressional tax-writing committee chairs and ranking members.

Lytle's letter began by stating that he represents “a career IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent who has been overseeing the ongoing and sensitive investigation of a high-profile, controversial subject since early 2020 and would like to make protected whistleblower disclosures to Congress.”

The lawyer indicated that his client has already made disclosures regarding the matter to “the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and to the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General.”

According to Lytle, those disclosures “(1) contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee, (2) involve failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case, and (3) detail examples of preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject were not politically connected.”

Identities confirmed

Though, as Just the News noted, the letter itself does not reveal that the subject of the proffered disclosures is indeed Hunter Biden, but the outlet indicated that it had “independently confirmed” that the president's son and the probe of his tax affairs being led by Delaware U.S. attorney Davis Weiss are the topics on which they touch.

Lytle's letter references “early 2020” as the beginning of his involvement in the referenced matter, and Hunter Biden himself has publicly admitted since late that same year that he has been under criminal investigation related to tax matters, Just the News reported.

Furthermore, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to the Daily Mail that the “senior political appointee” referenced in the letter is indeed Garland, who told Congress earlier this year that Weiss had complete and unfettered control over the probe of Hunter Biden.

That particular representation on the part of the AG, according to the whistleblower, was false, and he is prepared to produce evidence to demonstrate that fact.

“Ready to be questioned”

According to Just the News, the would-be whistleblower enjoys a solid reputation within the IRS, is apolitical in nature, and does not maintain a social media presence.

“He is just a guy who likes his job as a law enforcement officer, as an investigator, and he takes it seriously, and he's dedicated,” Lytle explained.

The lawyer further noted that if his client is granted the protections currently being sought, he would be able to identify corroborating witnesses who will bolster his allegations of improper political interference in the probe of Hunter Biden.

“He's ready to be questioned about what he knows and what he experienced,” Lytle told CBS News.

Reactions pour in

Commenting on the emergence of the whistleblower's claims, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-IL) said, according to the Mail, “We take all whistleblower statements seriously, as we should. Some turn out to be very important and some not. But we take them all seriously at the outset and look at them closely.”

Republican House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (OH-04) responded with mock incredulity, saying, “Imagine that, the Biden Administration is reportedly mishandling the criminal probe into Hunter Biden.”

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy reacted to the news by characterizing it as “long-awaited though always obvious” reason why no charges have been leveled against Hunter Biden for what appear to be easily provable illegalities and lamented the “[a]lso obvious” but still “dismaying” contention that Garland provided suspect testimony to Congress on the issue.

When asked for comment on the situation, the White House, through press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, replied simply, “The president respects the rule of law and the independence of the Department of Justice,” according to the Mail, but precisely how much longer such an assertion can continue to be made in light of potentially explosive revelations from the whistleblower, only time will tell.