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White House admits border failure but tries to shift blame

By Stew Davidson
January 23, 2024

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday reaffirmed President Joe Biden's acknowledgment regarding the insecurity of the U.S. border.

Jean-Pierre's statement came amidst queries about the discrepancy between the president's stance and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' previous assertions to Congress that the border was secure, as Fox News reported.

The press secretary emphasized the need for immediate action to address the challenges facing the border, acknowledging the system is "broken" and calling for increased funding.

Discrepancy in Border Security Statements

During the press conference, a journalist questioned the inconsistency between President Biden's view and Secretary Mayorkas' congressional testimonies.

A reporter asked," Why do they have two different views of the security of the border?"

"The president has been really clear that we need to move on the border," Jean-Pierre stated.

She added, "Him saying that we need to deal with border security, as we, as Mayorkas, as we all have here been doing at the White House, I think shows that we have an issue at the border and we need to deal with it, and we have to act now. There's an urgent need."

In response to further probing about the apparent disconnection between the President and the Homeland Security Secretary, Jean-Pierre reiterated, "Look, the president has repeatedly said the immigration system is broken."

She referenced various immigration proposals introduced by the Biden administration over the past three years aimed at reforming the system.

Rising Illegal Immigration

The Biden administration has been attempting to minimize the significance of the unprecedented levels of illegal immigration recorded towards the end of 2023.

Reports indicated that as many as 10,000 migrants were detained daily at the southwest U.S. border in December.

Despite these numbers, the White House characterized this influx as a seasonal increase.

Furthermore, November saw more than 242,400 migrant encounters at the southern border, marking it as the highest November on record and the third-highest month ever for such encounters.

Congressional Reactions

This situation has led to increased scrutiny from Republican lawmakers.

Congressional Republicans are currently considering impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas.

Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, expressed his concerns on Fox News, stating, "This one man is the architect of destruction down here. One man has caused all this chaos, deaths from fentanyl poisoning, danger to the country with terrorists coming in and 8 million encounters with no legal status."

McCaul, "He is the architect. He has destroyed the fabric of this nation."