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White House aides reveal degree to which Biden is ‘managed’ to prevent disaster

By Stew Davidson
February 22, 2024

President Joe Biden's mornings at the White House begin with an unconventional wake-up call from Willow, his American short-haired cat, and the rest of his day is, according to reports, carefully managed from that point forward to prevent embarrassing missteps.

As the first lady pursues her fitness regimen, Biden, donning a sleep apnea CPAP mask, eases into his day, prioritizing a healthy sleep cycle, unlike the shorter rests that were characteristic of former leaders such as Donald Trump and Barack Obama, as Daily Mail reported.

8 A.M.: Balancing Act

By 8 a.m., the president focuses on his physical well-being, engaging in a 45-minute workout session centered around balance and mobility.

This dedication to physical therapy comes in light of past injuries and a noticeable change in his gait, underscoring a proactive approach to health and fitness at an advanced age.

10:00 A.M.: Command and Control

Biden's official workday kicks off at 10 A.M. in the Oval Office, slightly later than some of his predecessors but tailored to suit his peak performance hours.

His schedule is said to include national security briefings, strategic discussions, and personal outreach, including regular check-ins with family.

Afternoon Engagements

The afternoon hours are strategically chosen for Biden's public appearances, leveraging moments when he is most alert and focused.

Despite a tendency towards tardiness, known colloquially among staffers as "Biden Time," these engagements are meticulously planned to mitigate risks and maximize impact.

Evening Reflections

The evening transitions to more personal time, with Biden typically concluding his official duties by 5 p.m..

His dinner routine with the first lady, which includes a preference for pasta and non-alcoholic beverages, reflect personal tastes and lifelong habits.

The evening also includes time set aside for reviewing extensive briefing materials and preparing for the following day's challenges.

Late Night and Personal Time

Beyond official duties, Biden's evenings are reserved for reflection, study, and preparation.

This discipline extends to late-night reviews of briefing books, underscoring the continuous nature of presidential responsibilities.

Special circumstances, such as responding to urgent national matters, occasionally punctuate these routines, demonstrating the unpredictable demands on the president.

Navigating Challenges

Amid growing scrutiny over his capacity to lead due to his age, Biden's routine reflects a blend of meticulous planning, health management, and personal discipline.

His public and private interactions are carefully curated, with his staff playing a crucial role in managing the day-to-day demands of the presidency.

This detailed insight into Biden's daily life offers a potential counter-narrative to concerns over his fitness for office, highlighting a structured approach to governance and personal care, but the very need for such careful organization suggests that the concerns voiced by millions of Americans may well be justified.