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White House Clarifies Nature of Biden's Medical Consultation with Parkinson's Specialist

 July 11, 2024

The White House recently clarified the nature of a meeting that stirred confusion regarding President Joe Biden's health status.

The latest administration explanation revealed that a Jan. 17 meeting between a White House physician, and a neurology expert, was indeed tied to President Biden's exam, as Fox News reports.

The confusion began when White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre inaccurately addressed inquiries about the meeting's purpose.

During a press conference, Jean-Pierre denied that Dr. Kevin O'Connor's meeting with Dr. Kevin Cannard was medically related to the president, leading to public speculation and concern.

President's Healthcare Routine Subject to Scrutiny

In response to further probing by reporters, Jean-Pierce rectified her previous statement. She clarified that the confusion stemmed from the omission of specific dates in the questions posed, ultimately acknowledging that the meeting was indeed a part of President Biden's routine medical exams.

The meeting between O'Connor and Cannard, a seasoned neurology consultant for the White House medical team, was described as comprehensive. Dr. Cannard has been associated with the White House for twelve years, often holding neurology clinics there.

Details of Biden's Neurological Exam Released

Details from President Biden's neurological screenings were included in his annual physical report published on February 28. The exam, led by Dr. Cannard, asserted the absence of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, which has been a chief concern among the populace following recent public appearances by Biden.

Dr. O'Connor's statement from the report was said to have highlighted the thoroughness of the examination in an attempt to assure the public of the president's health.

Miscommunications and Corrections

Correcting her earlier statements, Jean-Pierre emphasized the administration's policy of confidentiality and security concerning medical consultants. She noted that it was this policy that initially prevented a clear disclosure about the nature of Dr. Cannard's visits.

Amidst this correction, Jean-Pierre humbly acknowledged her mistake, stating, "I will be the first one to admit: Sometimes I get it wrong. At least I admit that."

Consultant Visits and Security Considerations

The secrecy initially surrounding the consultations was defended by Jean-Pierre as a measure to protect the privacy and security of medical staff working closely with the White House. This approach, she noted, was standard practice but became a point of contention given the high-profile nature of the patient involved.

Records show that Dr. Cannard has made multiple visits to the White House, primarily listed under the supervision of Megan Nasworthy, an administration staffer, raising questions about the routine nature of these checks.

Addressing Transparency and Health Concerns

Despite the initial miscommunication, President Biden's camp claims that it has openly addressed his health status, particularly following a debate on June 27 during which he appeared to struggle.

Contrary to initial denials, the president later confirmed that he had a check-in with a physician.

Understand the Process Behind Presidential Health Disclosures

The physical exams of a sitting president are typically more extensive than what might occur in a typical single visit, often spanning several days at specialized facilities such as the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

This nuanced process allows for comprehensive assessments, which are crucial given the president's age and the demanding nature of his duties.

In conclusion, the White House has taken steps in an effort to clarify what officials say are misconceptions about President Biden's health examination and the involvement of specialists.

These efforts underscore what the administration characterizes as its commitment to transparency while balancing the necessary security and privacy protocols officials say govern the handling of presidential health information.