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White House Photographer Says Concerns Have Long Existed About Biden's Cognitive Health

 July 1, 2024

Following President Joe Biden's poor debate performance, concerns have surfaced regarding his cognitive health and daily functionality, fueled by comments from both current and former aides.

White House and campaign staff initially attributed Biden's lackluster debate performance to a cold, but there is growing concern over his day-to-day capabilities amid new revelations from a former White House photographer, as the Daily Mail reports.

During Thursday's debate with Donald Trump, President Joe Biden's performance was notably below expectations, prompting questions about his health and cognitive abilities. While the White House and Biden's campaign explained his performance as a result of a cold, insiders are raising alarms.

Former Aide Speaks Out

Chandler West, the former White House deputy director of photography, publicly called for Biden to resign after witnessing the debate. "It's time for Joe to go," West stated on Instagram.

West, who served at the White House from January 2021 to May 2022, elaborated, saying, "They will say he has a 'cold' or just experienced a 'bad night', but for weeks and months, in private, they have all said what we saw last night — Joe is not as strong as he was just a couple of years ago."

West believes that the debate was not an isolated incident, warning, "The debate was not the first bad day, and it's not gonna be the last."

White House Deflects Health Concerns

Vice President Kamala Harris was questioned by Anderson Cooper about Biden's daily behavior immediately following the debate. Cooper asked, "The person we saw tonight, the president we saw tonight on that stage: Is that how he is every day?"

Harris avoided a direct answer, responding, "The Joe Biden that I work with every day is someone who, as I have said, has performed in a way that has been about bringing people into the Oval Office, Republicans and Democrats, to compromise in a way that is extraordinary these days, because it just doesn't happen, but Joe Biden can make it happen."

Despite these reassurances, reporters have long complained about their limited access to President Biden, further fueling speculation.

Speculation of Shielding by Close Aides

There is growing speculation that close aides, including first lady Jill Biden, are shielding President Biden from revealing his limitations. A former White House residence official shared that Jill Biden and one of her closest aides were highly protective of the president, creating a divide with residence staff.

"So protective of the president," the former official described Jill Biden's behavior. They added, "The separation between the family and the residence staff was so big, so divided. It's not supposed to be and usually isn't, even in the Trump White House."

Since early in Biden's term, residence staff have believed his close allies were concealing health issues. An example given was July 4, 2021, when Biden appeared overheated and was abruptly taken into the White House, increasing staff suspicion.

Public and Political Reactions

A recent poll released Sunday showed that 72% of voters do not think Biden has the cognitive faculties for another term. This result marks a 7% increase from a similar poll taken earlier in June before the debate.

Former White House physician and current Rep. Ronny Jackson has consistently questioned Biden's cognitive and physical health. Jackson suggested that Biden's seven days of debate preparation at Camp David were to adjust his treatment for optimal performance.

Jackson's comments have only added to the mounting concerns and speculation regarding the president's health and functionality.


The debate performance of President Joe Biden has sparked significant concern and discussion about his cognitive health and daily functionality.

While the White House and campaign staff attribute his performance to a cold, former aides like Chandler West have publicly voiced doubts about Biden's capabilities.

Reports of limited access to Biden and speculation about close aides shielding him from revealing his limitations further fuel these concerns. A recent poll indicates that a substantial majority of voters doubt Biden's cognitive faculties, reflecting growing unease about his fitness for another term.

Former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson's repeated questions about Biden's health underscore the ongoing debate about the president's ability to effectively perform his duties.