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Woman attacks boss after being fired from her job at Galleria in St. Louis

 August 22, 2023

A woman was taken into custody and charged following accusations of assaulting her superior after her dismissal from the Saint Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, KSDK reported.

Details of the Altercation

Scottiauna Langford, 25, faces charges of second-degree robbery related to the incident said to have occurred on Aug. 9,

News of the charges came from the office of St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell.

Based on findings from the Richmond Heights Police Department, the event unfolded after the female individual, part of the store's decision-making team, terminated Langford's role as an assistant manager at the Pandora outlet within the mall.

Langford was initially reluctant to vacate the store premises.

The situation eventually required intervention from Galleria's security personnel to escort her to the parking area.

However, this was not the last store personnel would see of Langford.

Later that day, she made her way back to Pandora.

Langford is accused of striking her former boss from behind, dragging her to a more secluded section of the store, and continuing the assault.

The physical attack itself is not the only offense of which Landford stands accused in connection to her dismissal from Pandora.

Langford is also believed to have taken the supervisor's phone before making her exit from the store.

The assaulted employee was rushed to the hospital due to sustained injuries, which included a concussion and lacerations on the back of her head.

Legal Proceedings and Statements

In the wake of the incident, the Richmond Heights Police Department swiftly apprehended Langford.

Upon being informed of her rights, Langford confessed to the assault and the theft of the phone, as police reports indicate.

Bell, said in a statement. "We will do everything we can to protect the safety of workers in the workplace."

"This type of behavior will not be tolerated," he asserted.

If the court finds Langford guilty, she could face a prison term extending up to 15 years.