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Woman stabbed to death in DC hotel room, murdered by man out on bond

By Sarah May on
 April 5, 2023

In an alarming story out of Washington, D.C., a woman visiting from Virginia was stabbed to death Friday shortly after checking in to a hotel room and was allegedly killed by a man with whom she is thought to have had no prior acquaintance, according to NBC4 in the nation's capital.

The 43-year-old repeat criminal who was found inside the room where the fatal attack occurred was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Deadly hotel attack

The New York Post reports that the attack on Bautista took place less than an hour after her arrival at the Ivy City Hotel in Washington.

According to surveillance footage, George Syndor, the man who now stands accused of killing Bautista, rode up to the property on a bicycle and was seen attempting to listen through the door of Bautista's room, as the Daily Mail explained.

After entering that room, a struggle reportedly ensued, during which Bautista was heard to be yelling for help.

Police were said to have responded to the scene within 10 minutes, and when officers approached Bautista's room, Syndor stated that nothing was wrong, but when his bloody hands were spotted through the window treatments, access to the room was obtained, and the victim was found unresponsive on the floor.

Horrifying scene

Police later noted that when officers entered the room, they encountered Sydnor wearing blood-stained pants, shoes, and a vest and attempting to smoke a cigarette.

They also discovered a large knife with a broken blade lying on a bed near Bautista's body, which had reportedly absorbed upwards of 30 stab wounds.

Tragically, Bautista was pronounced dead just 11 minutes after police arrived at the grisly scene.

Sydnor was subsequently arrested on a charge of first-degree murder, to which he pleaded not guilty during a Monday court appearance, according to NBC4.

Notable rap sheet

Sydnor is no stranger to the justice system, and according to the Washington Post, he had been released from custody back in January prior to his scheduled sentencing on an attempted robbery charge to which he had pleaded guilty.

The accused murderer was also facing trial on a larceny charge in Maryland, and though he did turn up for one court appearance since January, he had begun missing others, prompting authorities to pursue arrest warrants for him.

Had he appeared as required earlier this year in the armed robbery case, he would have been fitted with a GPS monitoring tether that would have remained on until his sentencing, but that did not occur.

As such, Sydnor continued to roam free up until Friday, when he allegedly inflicted unspeakable violence on a woman whose family does not believe had any prior relationship with the perpetrator.

Victim remembered

According to local news website Arlington Now, Bautista attended Yorktown High School and played in the orchestra for a time, eventually going on to graduate from James Madison University.

A statement issued by the victim's loved ones declared, “Our family is devastated by the loss of our beloved Christy,” as the Post noted.

“She brought joy to everybody who knew her and was a shining light in all of our lives,” they added.

Sydnor is due back in court on May 8 to continue a legal process that will hopefully bring some degree of justice, if not closure, to Bautista's friends and family.