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Biden, 81, Has Yet to Visit Doctor 18 Days After Contracting Cold Abroad, White House Says

 July 4, 2024

President Joe Biden is persisting in his presidential campaign despite suffering from a cold he allegedly contracted 18 days ago during international travel.

Biden's cold has raised concerns among aides and the public, linking it to his debate struggles, but the White House says he has not seen a doctor to receive an assessment or diagnosis, as the Daily Mail reports.

President Biden’s health has been in the spotlight since he returned from a demanding international schedule, which included stops at the G7 summit in Italy and the D-Day anniversary in France. Despite the rigorous travel, Biden has not seen a physician since his annual check-up in February.

During the June 27 debate, Biden’s performance was less than stellar, a downturn his team attributes to his ongoing illness. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre cited multiple factors for his debate issues, emphasizing the cold over jet lag and debate preparations.

Details on Biden’s Debate Night and Health Concerns

Biden’s own explanation for his debate fatigue included a heavy travel schedule and insufficient rest.

“The fact is that you know, I wasn’t very smart. I decided to travel around the world a couple of times, going through around 100 time zones ... before ... the debate. Didn’t listen to my staff and came back and nearly fell asleep on stage. That's no excuse but it is an explanation,” said Biden.

Despite Biden's admission, Jean-Pierre has been actively managing the narrative around the president's health and campaign readiness. “He still has a lingering cold,” she stated, later adding, “It's the jet lag and also the cold.”

White House Staff Rally Around Campaign

Amid speculation about Biden’s ability to continue his campaign, his staff have been vocally supportive. Jean-Pierre reassured the public about Biden's clarity and commitment: “He is clear-eyed, and he is staying in the race,” she affirmed.

Similarly, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients defended Biden's overall capability despite the debate hiccup: “He didn't have a great night but that was one night and what we all know is he is a great president.”

Biden himself has been forthright about his intentions to remain in the presidential race. “Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running…no one's pushing me out. I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end and we're going to win,” Biden declared.

Future Campaign Events Amid Health Scrutiny

As questions about his health and performance circulate, Biden’s campaign schedule remains unchanged with upcoming events in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This decision comes even as Democratic insiders express growing concern about his electability and stamina for a grueling campaign.

Meanwhile, Biden spent the week before the debate at Camp David, focusing on preparation while maintaining a lighter, rest-inclusive schedule, casting doubt among some about the White House explanations regarding jet-lag and fatigue.

Dr. Kevin O'Connor, Biden’s physician, who often travels with him, had not examined the president before the debate, according to Jean-Pierre. This detail fuels further discussions on the necessity of medical attention considering his persistent symptoms.

Evaluating Biden’s Health and Campaign Viability

The unfolding story of Biden's health poses significant implications for his campaign, particularly as the race heats up. His team's management of his schedule and public appearances will likely be critical in shaping voter confidence.

Despite the hurdles, the president's team remains optimistic about overcoming these challenges, emphasizing his leadership qualities and commitment to the American people.

“Let me be very clear about this; this is a president that wakes up every morning and puts the American first...I am not going to speak to...unnamed sources out there,” Jean-Pierre concluded, highlighting the administration’s focus amid ongoing speculations.

Conclusion: President Biden’s Ongoing Campaign Journey

To summarize, President Biden continues to campaign for re-election despite health concerns allegedly stemming from a cold contracted during recent international engagements.

His debate performance has sparked discussions about his fitness to campaign, though he and his team say they are steadfast in their commitment to his presidential run. Biden's forthcoming campaign events will be closely watched as indicators of his health and political resilience.