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Marlow: Biden's Debate Performance and the Democratic Dilemma

 July 5, 2024

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow recently discussed the potential downfall of President Joe Biden as a viable presidential candidate during a podcast with Donald Trump Jr., attributing this predicted collapse to Biden's poor performance in the first presidential debate on June 27.

Both Marlow and Trump Jr. examined the broader implications within the Democratic Party and considered the potential shift toward Vice President Kamala Harris as an alternative candidate, as Breitbart explains.

Marlow Discusses Biden's Debate Performance

During the Triggered podcast on Wednesday, Marlow detailed his observations of President Biden's performance in the first presidential debate. Noting that Biden significantly underperformed, Marlow emphasized that even Biden’s own relatively low expectations were not met.

Trump Jr. praised Marlow’s insights, linking them to the predictions made in Marlow’s book, Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration. Trump Jr. asserted that Marlow “predicted everything that we are now seeing play out.”

The podcast conversation suggested that President Biden’s subpar debate performance has led to considerable uncertainty within the Democratic Party regarding his future as their leading candidate.

Speculations On Democratic Party's Strategy

Both Marlow and Trump Jr. acknowledged that Democrats and the media appear to be searching for an alternative candidate. They identified Harris as the most likely contender.

Marlow mentioned Laurene Powell Jobs, a close confidante of Harris, as playing a pivotal role in advocating for President Biden to step down from the race. This development further adds to the speculation around Harris becoming the default candidate.

Despite the pressure, Marlow warned that President Biden is not to be underestimated. He suggested that Biden would continue manipulating internal party politics to maintain his position.

Biden's Succession Plans Complicate Matters

Additionally, Marlow touched on the personal dimension of Biden’s succession plans, noting the president’s previous intent to pass on his legacy to his late son, Beau Biden. This intent has further complicated the landscape, given the precarious situation of his remaining son, Hunter Biden.

Marlow observed that this familial aspect contributes to Biden’s reluctance to step down, complicating efforts to find a clear successor. Therefore, he expects Biden to hold onto the presidency and his nomination as long as possible.

The debate coverage by Breitbart News played a critical role in framing the discourse, dominating both news and social media discussions during the debate period.

Civil Rights Concerns Amid Political Scrutiny

During their conversation, Marlow and Trump Jr. diverged briefly to discuss the legal troubles faced by figures like Peter Navarro and former Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon. They expressed concerns about the civil rights implications of their prosecutions.

Marlow characterized these legal actions as “massive violations of civil rights,” expressing his belief that they serve as politically motivated maneuvers. The potential political ramifications of Bannon's imprisonment were also pondered, especially considering his release is anticipated just before the November 5th election.

The Breitbart editor warned against underestimating the Democrats’ organizational capabilities in mobilizing voters. He underscored the necessity for Trump supporters to be proactive, emphasizing the importance of physical turnout at the polls.

Trump's Campaign Strategy and Support Base

Another key discussion point was the strategic direction of Donald Trump’s campaign. Marlow advised Trump Jr. on the importance of highlighting Trump’s entrepreneurial background as part of his campaign messaging.

Illustrating the importance of this strategy, Marlow emphasized how essential it is for the Trump campaign to actively engage voters. He reinforced this by stating, “It’s not just enough to reject Joe Biden. You also have to physically turn in a ballot.”

In conclusion, the podcast painted a complex picture of President Biden's political future, marred by his debate performance and internal party tensions. The ongoing debates within the Democratic Party about potential successor candidates, the looming influence of Vice President Harris, and the legal battles of political figures like Bannon, all converge to create a multifaceted political landscape as the election approaches.

As Marlow and Trump Jr. stressed, mobilizing voter support remains a cornerstone of their strategy moving forward.