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Taylor Swift, Oprah In Dems' Plan To Oust Biden With Blitz Primary

 July 9, 2024
In an unprecedented political maneuver, two prominent Democrats have proposed a bold strategy to replace President Joe Biden for the 2024 election cycle.Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks and venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith suggest a "blitz primary" to determine a new Democratic nominee, urging Biden to step down by mid-July, Daily Mail reported.

Rosa Brooks, known for her advisory roles under former Presidents Obama and Clinton, has partnered with Ted Dintersmith, a figure familiar in venture capital circles, to draft a potentially game-changing memo. This document proposes a drastic shift in the Democratic party's approach as the 2024 Presidential Election looms.

The memo recommends President Biden's resignation as the Democratic nominee to make way for a new and unconventional primary election process. This would involve high-profile weekly forums and celebrity moderators such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Taylor Swift.

Celebrities to Steer Democratic Discussions in Proposed Forums

Brooks and Dintersmith's innovative plan not only suggests a series of discussions led by notable figures but also introduces a new voting method. The ranked-choice voting system would be employed to select the nominee, a method that emphasizes voter preference more clearly than traditional voting systems.

According to the plan, only Democrats who commit to a positive campaign and who can amass significant delegate support would be eligible to compete in the proposed blitz primary. This initiative aims to rejuvenate the Democratic nomination process and align it more closely with modern democratic values.

The culmination of this fast-paced primary process would be right before the Democratic National Convention scheduled for August 19 in Chicago, where the new nominee would be officially declared.

Brooks and Dintersmith's Memo Circulates Among Influential Democrats

The memo has been shared widely among Democratic donors, Biden's campaign staff, and other officials within his administration. It has reportedly received a near-universal wave of support from those who have reviewed it, signaling a significant shift in party dynamics and a possible readiness for change.

Despite this growing support, the memo itself harbors no illusions about the challenges of implementing such a radical change, noting the necessity of a "timely decision by Party leaders," including President Biden himself, who must prioritize the country's needs.

In the memo, Brooks and Dintersmith articulate a poignant choice: "We can limp to shameful, avoidable democracy-ending defeat, or Democrats can make this Our Finest Hour."

Recent Criticisms and Biden's Response to Debate Performance

President Biden has recently faced criticism, particularly following his disoriented appearance at a CNN debate on June 27. He attributed his condition to exhaustion and illness, having taken a COVID test before the debate.

This incident has amplified calls within the party for his withdrawal from the race, with notable figures like Reps. Jerry Nadler and Mark Takano voicing their concerns. Additionally, Senator Mark Warner is reportedly organizing discussions among Senate Democrats regarding Biden's future in the race.

The memo poignantly remarks on Biden's long service, stating, "Yes, President Biden has served his country with distinction for five decades...But not our blind loyalty. America desperately wants an uplifting choice."

Biden Jokes About Signature Traits Amid Controversy

Amidst the brewing storm of political debate, President Biden has attempted to lighten the mood with humor, referencing his known affinities for Ray-Ban sunglasses and chocolate chip ice cream during a public appearance.

His light-hearted comments at the event contrast sharply with the serious tone of discussions about his potential departure from the 2024 race. "If I stand here long enough all of those folks in the back are going to die of sunstroke. I'm not going to do that," Biden joked, acknowledging the concerns but deflecting with humor.

The detailed plan laid out by Brooks and Dintersmith, while facing significant hurdles, underscores a critical moment for the Democratic Party as it contemplates the necessity of innovation and change in its leadership dynamics.

Conclusion: A Democratic Party at a Crossroads

To recap, Rosa Brooks and Ted Dintersmith propose a "blitz primary" involving celebrities to rejuvenate the Democratic nomination process with Biden urged to step aside by mid-July. This plan, characterized by its high-profile endorsements and a new voting system, reflects the party's urgent need to address its leadership and strategic direction as the 2024 election approaches.